How does it work?
The Lucia Light is a hypnagogic neurostimulator that emits a combination of constant and flickering light at different frequencies and levels of brightness. Through your closed eyes, the light stimulates your optic nerve and pineal gland, or Third Eye. Prepare to be amazed!

Is it safe?
For most people, this experience is safe and beneficial. However, Glowing is not advised if you are under 18 years old, pregnant, have light sensitivity, a history of severe anxiety or other psychosis, or a history of epileptic seizures. 

What are the possible side effects?
During the Glow random visions and emotions may arise and you may experience fluttering of the eyes. You may even feel like you have transcended or left your body. In rare rare cases, including undiagnosed epilepsy, a seizure may occur as a response to the stroboscopic effects of the light.

How long does each Glow last?
Glow sessions last about 1 hour.

What kind of music will play?

The music is carefully sequenced to follow the rhythm of the light. It is primarily  instrumental music designed to relax you and help you zone in on the Glow experience.


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